Created byGary O. Bennett & Alyssa Rallo Bennett
Written by: Gary O. Bennett              

Directed by: Alyssa Rallo Bennett
Music Composed by: Kevin Spencer Kendrick
Casting Director: Angela Mickey, Liz Lewis Associates
Genre: Family Murder Mystery              

Pilot: 64 minutes

A family with a grisly secret struggles to keep their vintage local video store afloat while in search for their missing twin daughter who pulls them all into a global underworld and enterprise.

Pilot Cast: Sean Young (Blade Runner), Gil Zabarsky(Tenured), Michael Pemberton (Bridge of SpiesThe Pack), Janet Zarish (Seinfeld), Alex Mills, Jordan Myrick, Taylor Pfenning, Samantha Rothermel, Johanna Lee, Adrienne Pluta, Alexia Martin, Ian Matthew Cramer, Sylvee Legge, Finn Cutler.

Videola Creators: The Bennetts, wife/director Alyssa and husband/writer Gary, are prolific creators with work ranging from socially speculative feature films like Rain Without Thunder (Starring Jeff Daniels, Linda Hunt, Steve Zahn) to socially conscious films such as The Pack aka Smoking Non-Smoking (Luci Arnaz, Elizabeth Moss). The Bennetts founded Stonestreet Productions, an independent film production company creating TV pilots, web series and Micro-Movies. Through their character driven films and pilots, they often explore socially and culturally provocative issues like humans versus technology, the individual versus corporate world.

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